Collected Visions

Monika Haslinger-Matzenauer

My vision is that we do not have to talk about gender equality at the university anymore because the participation of women is as much a matter of course as the participation of people with different hair colours.

Waltraud Schlögl

I want a university where all people who want it have time and space for thinking, discussing, experimenting and critically examining the world in which we live. I want education and science to fight against the neoliberal logic of profit and competition and that the university is a place where thoughts can unfurl independently of impact points and rankings.


I wish for transparent appointments of faculty positions - whether professorships or tenure track positions - with independent commitees. At the moment the practice of fake job postings for already filled positions still exists. Even though it has become less, it's still possible at the University of Vienna in 2022.

Nina Krebs

I want a university that represents our diverse society - not only when it comes to students, but also teaching staff, the theoretical canon and the reading lists of all disciplines, the points of call, the researchers and their reasearch topics as well as leadership positions. Representation matters!

Verena Schneider

Even more women should have the opportunity to work in leading positions at the University of Vienna and to break through the glass ceiling this way.

Lena Lisa Vogelmann

I envision a university without barriers where people with different disabilities can study and work without limitations.

I also envision a university where it is a matter of course that humans have more than two genders and that provides the necessary infrastructure for everyone.