On the Way to a University of Diversity and Equal Opportunities

Students and employees find a broad range of points of call and initiatives at the University of Vienna around the topics (gender) equality, anti-discrimination and diversity.

The Equal Opportunites Working Party has been watching the hiring process since 1991 and is present in appointment commitees. It writes the Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality and ensures compliance with it. Those affected by discrimination can turn to the Working Party to check their concerns.

The Gender Equality and Diversity unit develops and organizes programmes for the advancement and networking of female scientists since 2000 (e.g. with mentoring programms, appointment and habilitation trainings). It publishes the Gender in Focus series and offers workshops on gender bias, diversity and gender beyond the binary. It currently develops a new focus on the reconcilability of job, care work and self-care.

The Human Resources Development unit regularly offers courses for employees of the University that cover topics like diversity and (gender) equality.

The Center for Teaching and Learing (CTL) educates Writing Mentors togethers with Gender Equality and Diversity unit. Those montors support students who speak German as a second language and/or come from families with a lower educational level. Some departments educate buddies and mentors for students who have a hard time at the start of their university life.

There are and were intiatives and networks at some departments - especially in MINT disciplines - for female scientists (WoBio, WoChem, NowaGEA).

The ÖH (Union of Austrian Students in Higher Education) has seen itself as a feminist and anti-racist point of call that is critical of society since the 1990ies. Female students found and find counselling, networking and empowerment in the Frauen* Referat (Women*'s unit). Currently topics surrounding gender beyond the binary are advanced there and in the Queer-Referat (Queer unit). People who are affected by racism can get counselling in the Referat Antirassismus und ausländische Studierende (Anti-Racism and Foreign Students unit), students from non-academic families find it in the Referat Working Class Students (Working Class Students unit). 

Team Barrierefrei (Team Barrier Free) is the point of call for disabled students.

You can find more points of call here.