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150 years ago, people could only dream of women being able to study at university. Many people fought for this vision to come true. Today, we know that their fight was not in vain and that the University’s image has since changed a lot.

However, the University of Vienna has more visions and objectives that remain to be achieved. The University’s objectives regarding equality are stated in the Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality that is written by the Equal Opportunites Working Party together with the University's leadership.

These visions are:

  • Women and men are considered equal.
  • Women and men are represented equally on the different hierarchical levels.
  • The university is free from sexism, racism, ableism, classism and other forms of discrimination.
  • Transgender, intersex and non-binary persons are respected and get to live their gender identity.
  • The university cares about diversity and approaches it intersectionally.
  • The university pays equal wages for equal work.
  • The university promotes the reconciliation of job and studies with care work (for others and yourelf).
  • Women's and Gender Studies are better integrated in the teachings at the university.
  • The university is equally accessible to people from all social backgrounds and countries.

Tell us about your visions! What does equality at the University of Vienna mean to you? How do you imagine a (gender) equal university? What projects should the University pursue?

The visions shared with us will be published online as part of “(No) Walk in the Park – 125 Years of Women at the University of Vienna”.

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Submission of Your Visions
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We reserve the right to not publish submissions that go against the University of Vienna's principles, or against the Affirmative Action Plan for the Advancement of Women and Gender Equality.

The submitted texts will be translated, formatted and published in regular intervals on the "Fountain of Visions" and the homepage respectively. It can take a little while until they are actually published. If you enter an e-mail address, we can inform you when it is published.