1998: First Big Commemoration of Female Scientists

At the opening of the University Campus in 1998, the old and new gates are named after famous scientists and well-known personalities. Of the 23 gates, five are devoted to women (Sibylle Bolla-Kotek, Martha Stephanie Browne, Marie Jahoda, Berta Karlik and Renate Wagner-Rieger), another three are named after a man and a woman together (Charlotte Bühler and Karl Bühler, Anna Freud and Sigmund Freud, Erna Lesky and Albin Lesky), and one after two women (Gertraut Ehrmann and Victoria Lilly Pfleger-Schwarz). Additionally, there is the Gate of the Secretly Pregnant that commemorates the almost 700.000 women who were unwed mothers and therefore forced to receive their medical care at the general hospital (that was housed in the campus) in secret.