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On the occasion of the 125th anniversary of Women at the University of Vienna, light is shed on female pioneers and scientists. These extraordinary individuals managed to break barriers and take their rightful place – against all odds and resistance. They opened the door for many others. It was the constant stream of women following in their footsteps and making the exception the rule that finally changed the system. Thus, the women following these pioneers are just as important to this development.

Not only those first famous female scientists are pioneers. There have been and still are many other women who are the first in their family or their environment to go to university. They are pioneers as well! All their stories combined make a colourful and diverse whole.

Tell us your story! 

  • Who is the first woman in your family to go to university? When was that?
  • How did the other family members react?
  • How was her experience with studying at the University (of Vienna)?
  • Did somebody make disapproving or joking comments about it?
  • Was she able to work with her degree?
  • What did studying mean to her personally?

Or maybe you yourself are the first person in your family to study?

  • Are/were there circumstances for you that made studying easier or harder? If yes, what are/were they?
  • Have you experienced or witnessed discrimination at the University (of Vienna)?

You can share your story with us through the form below. We would like to publish it (anonymously) as a part of the walk in  Aula's windows and digitally here on the website. That way, the less famous women can also have their place in history.

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The submitted texts will be anonymised (if they are not anonymous already), translated, formatted and published in regular intervals in the Aula on Campus and the homepage respectively. It can take a little while until they are actually published. If you enter an e-mail address, we can inform you when it is published.